This website is a way for me to communicate about my current projects and anything else I might want to share. It is plainly written in Geany, inspired by Terry Davis's prophetic style of webmastery. There is a guestbook anyone can sign.

This site is hosted on 000webhost, a free web hosting provider I have used for years.

This is a simple URL shortener I have developed.

This site is also hosted on 000webhost.

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quantifies the randomness of a bitstring

This project seeks to create a formula that can accurately quantify the randomness or unpredictability of a bitstring.

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an unornamented interpreted algorithm language

This project is the construction of an interpreted algorithm language which can perform logical operations on bitstring inputs.

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functions related to highly composite numbers

This is a simple APL program that finds highly composite numbers.


converts Roman numerals to Arabic numerals

This is a simple APL program that converts Roman numerals to Arabic numerals. A function that does the opposite will eventually be written.


converts integers from one base to another

This is a simple base-converter developed in C.


programs for the Nintendo Wii (Revolution) through the Homebrew Channel

These are some small programs I have developed that can run within Homebrew on the Nintendo Wii.

Once the proper environment has been installed, these programs can be easily installed and controlled with a standard Wii controller.


a dice rolling program that uses digit strings as the pip arrangements

This is a simple dice rolling program with ASCII output.


a dice rolling program that rolls until a specified permutation has been rolled

An adaptation on the original roll program, this program rolls until a specified permutation has been rolled.


directory navigation for web

Refer provides, chiefly for web administrators, a form of directory navigation for a website; this can be made public on a website as a navigation tool.


converts ASCII characters to output-equivalent brainfuck code

The program attempts to find the least number of brainfuck code commands necessary to print a given input when interpreted.

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Brainfuck code interpreter developed in Python

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multithreaded account retrieval system for Zero Hedge

This is a tool designed to exploit the user account protocol of the Zero Hedge financial news website in order to gain access to user accounts with unsecure passwords.

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prints a single file by uploading it to anonymous-FTP-enabled devices

Scanprint is an unornamented tool that allows the user to print a single document to a range of IP addresses. This is done by uploading the file to all servers within a specified range which have unsecured FTP upload enabled.

Printers with this feature usually print the uploaded file.


multithreaded Telnet server and command-line simulator

This program was created to incorporate the use of sockets and multithreading in order to create a Telnet server.

Future additions may be made when enhance functionality and security. It may have some application as a multiuser platform if multiuser tools are developed for it.

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